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Don't let YOUR business be invisible

In 1897, H. G. Wells showed in The Invisible Man that being invisible isn't really a very good idea. The title character ended up falling into obscurity when he was unable to reverse the effects of his experiment.

Not having an Internet presence is no longer an option! In business today you need to be seen, but more importantly, you need to be seen on the mobile devices that everyone uses - ALL of the websites that we build are fully responsive and look great whether viewed on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Why the pictures of desert islands?

I believe that we are all in business for similar reasons; to make a better life for ourselves and our families. One thing that must never be ignored is the need to take vacations. I am speaking from personal experience. I used to think that I didn't have time for such luxuries as holidays in the sun - how wrong I was!

Please allow us to help you achieve the success you deserve by letting us build your online presence, so that you can take those much needed breaks.

Ian Harding
FAB Creative Media

Our Services

Web Design

We understand the Internet and build websites from the ground up to suit your business

Graphic Design

From a business logo to signage to full colour brochures and more


Product shots, portraits, team photographs, images for your website, brochures and more

Video Production

A simple video can say more than a thousand written words - people love videos

Creative Marketing

Helping your potential customers and clients find you

Brain Storming

New eyes looking at your business can highlight opportunities you may have missed

Our Team

Ian Harding

Founder, Director, Coder, Photographer, Videographer, Editor and Gereral Dogsbody...

Rowena Harding

Writer, Artist, Sales

Lesley Flowers

Graphic Artist

Isaac Morrow

Sales & Marketing


Genius Coder and General Tech Whizz
(oh, and he's a bit camera shy...)

Our Website Pricing Plan

Here are some sample prices. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a price for your specific project.
All our websites come with a basic SSL certificate at no extra cost.

Single Page

From £235.00
  • Website £125
  • 1 yr hosting £100
  • 1 yr domain name £10
  • For a single page
  • website like this one

4 Page

From £610.00
  • 4 pages £500
  • 1 yr hosting £100
  • 1 yr domain name £10
  • For a 4 page
  • website


From £1,750.00
  • Depending on your
  • specific requirements.
  • We can build
  • e-commerce websites
  • for any business.

Extras for your

From £100.00 +
  • Video shoot from £400
  • Animated videos from £100
  • Product photography from £200
  • Content creation from £100
  • Logo design from £100

Video commercials for social media

Entice potential customers with a simple, but effective, video. An animated video like this one costs only £100.